Despicable me

After being declared guilty, Ross Ulbritch has been sentenced to life in prison as mastermind of Silk Road. Judge has dismissed all arguments about harm reduction. Also, I has been considered as “particularly despicable” and “irresponsible”.

Ross Ulbritch was sentenced yesterday to life inprisonment as mastermind of Silk Road. In this story there are involved murder-for-hire accusations without body of evidence and FBI agents jailed and accused of extortion and stealing money from the investigation. Judge has not considered relevant the testimony of a group of professionals who had been monitoring and working in Deep Web Marketplaces, in which it was included my work as medical assesor in harm reduction for drug users.

I have no legal knowledge to evaluate the case. The judge has legal authority to consider our testimony not relevant and deliver a veredict.

But this morning I have woke up with this tweet and this news in which the judge considers me an “enabler,” and my behavior “breathtakingly irresponsible.”

Sin títuloIn the following link you can find most of my work in Silk Road Forum from April to October 2013

Ask a Drug Expert Physician about Drugs & Health

There are some missing private messages. For example, the case of a heroin addict who suffered a leukaemia but was wrongly diagnosed with withdrawal syndrome (related in Silk Road book by Eileen Ormsby) or another heroin user (Trust in Me) whose girlfriend suffered an overdose while I was online and was suggested to use intranasal naloxone as a emergency measure (HERE is the whole story)

I don´t know the legal basis used by judge to describe me with those adjectives. I am not qualified to evaluate her professionally but I doubt judge Katherine Forrest has understood what does harm reduction mean.

. I declared this free and voluntarily because I have nothing to hide and my personal identity and work has been public in every moment. And I thought this aspect should be considered in the trial.

Probably there were other more adequate ways of funding. Unfortunately, money assigned to drug prevention is mostly wasted in uneffective, fear-based prevention campaigns. People working in harm reduction field generally work on activism,  for free or in precarious conditions. In any case I have been working in harm reduction for the last fifteen years , I am proud about my work and I think to continue on it

5 comentarios en “Despicable me

  1. La verdad que no esperaba que este asunto te inmutase.
    Si de normal los jueces son bastante imbéciles, en España y fuera, los de USA suelen ser una especie aparte. No tienen la sharia, pero sí su propia teología estatal, y las drogas son las drogas (con eso no se juega, que no aprendéis).

    Que una zorra con ínfulas de juez, una hija de puta que ha mandado a perpetua a un hombre sin sangre en sus manos, te llame despreciable… a mí me alegraría el día.

    El insulto es un halago dependiendo de la boca que lo emite.

  2. The judge is not qualified in the least to make those statements. Those statements about you show that she is just another mindless soldier in the drug war that does not understand drug abuse at all.


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