Misquoted testimony

The information I have been receiving during this weekend about my testimony in Silk Road trial, in which I was considered as “despicable” and “breathtakingly irresponsible”, indicate me that my declaration has been misquoted or misunderstood.

During this weekend I have been following through US media the evaluation that Judge Katherine Forrest made about my declaration in Silk Road trial. According to press news, my work was considered as “despicable” and “breathtakingly irresponsible”.

I was particularly surprised by THIS article

psicI contacted Joe Mullin, author of the article, to complain about what I thought it was an awful interpretation of my work. He answered me that ” he just accurately reported what the judge said at sentencing.”

In relation with the first sentence, the user´s question was this:

diab1And this was my answer:

diab2In relation with the sentence in the phrase in which I supposedly advise a boy to “stick to psychedelics”, the message is not even mine. It was sent by other user named “zvp1014”.

stickI have had no access to transcriptions of the judge´s words but , according to informations I receive, it seems to have misquoted or misunderstood.  My work has been always public and recognized by different national and international harm reductions associations.  It sounds strange a judicial system in which the judge insults witness.


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